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The Datalogic Powerscan Industrial Scanner is our best selling Industrial scanner in  Cordless and Cordless.  Check out this great new video from Datalogic

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Zebra Label Finder



Zebra label finder is a nice and easy way to find labels. Use this matrix to help you find Zebra Labels and Ribbons.

Try the label finder from A1 Barcode Systems on either of the links below.


zebra label finder

Zebra Label Finder

Intermec PD42 PD43 Barcode Printer


The Intermec PD42 PD43 Barcode Printer is a nice printer to use for stand along programming, or even when the printer just needs to be a smarter device. Using Fingerprint or C#, in the PD43 you can program the A and B USB, Com Port, and even the Ethernet. Fingerprint uses line number basic, making anyone’s job programming much easier. Intermec furnishes Fingerprint and the IDE to develop in, making it really handy.

If you need this service we are happy to do it, if you do not have the time or resources. Adding a keyboard, barcode scanner, or even an interrupt from a PLC or other device to say go or no-go in label printing. Adding a RTC unit in the PD42 or ordering the PD43 which has this capability, make it a stand along device with Real Time Clock and battery backup. Be sure to order the units with the right options, as the PD series comes with several available options.

Our team at A1 Barcode Systems is ready to help you in any way we can. 800.798.2042 or Happy coding using the Intermec PD42 PD43 Barcode Printer.

Zebra Z-Band Wristband Label


The Zebra Z-Band Wristband Label a has many possible uses.

Zband Wristband

Patient identification is a major issue in the healthcare industry. Patient wristbands are the easiest way to identify patients in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. A wristband bands might have codes and information concerning a patient’s age, gender and even the day he/she was admitted in the hospital. In the arena of printed wristbands for hospitals, Zebra has a wide range of printers for producing wristbands suitable for all types of patients from infants to full grown adults.

When choosing which Zebra printer to use to print patient wristbands there are many things to consider. Will there be a variety of different wristband sizes and colors used? Will the printed wristbands be subject to heat or direct sunlight? Will the wristbands be used for short term or long term patient stays? Will the wristbands need to have extremely small text or barcodes on it?

If wristbands will be used for long term patient care, then it is better to choose a thermal transfer printer instead of a direct thermal printer because the printed image lasts longer. Label printing that is Thermal Transfer is done by heating a carbon ribbon that applies an image to the wristband. Direct thermal printers simply heat the wristband itself creating a darkened image.

Direct thermal printers can be used in situations like outpatient clinics where patients will not need to be identified longer than the few hours they are in the clinic. Bands printed with direct thermal printing technology will not last long in direct sunlight or heat as the material is very sensitive to heat and will darken making the printed image unreadable.

If many different sizes and colors of wristbands are needed the HC100 from Zebra provides the ability to have a quick transition from one color to another or one size to another. The HC100 prints the wristbands from preloaded cartridges that are easily loaded and ejected much like bread fits in a toaster.

If small compact text or barcodes are going to be used on the wristbands then the print quality is a large factor. Because printing with a ribbon results in a more clear and readable image a thermal transfer printer with high DPI (dots per inch) capability should be used for small text and barcodes.

Zebra thermal wristbands come in a variety of sizes and colors and may have either adhesive or secure clips for closing the wristband. Wristbands from Zebra have antimicrobial coating that help cut down on the possibility of transmitting infection or disease between patients.. Zebra patient wrist bands also have very superior resistance to hand sanitizers – a product very commonly used in hospitals and clinics.

With all the varieties of Zebra wristband labels and printers available, every healthcare facility will be able to find a Zebra wristband solution that fits their individual needs for patient identification.

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Zebra Wristband Labels

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Datalogic Lynx – Handheld Computer


The Datalogic Lynx Handheld Computer combines the latest technology in a compact and powerful package. This state-of-the-art PDA features an 806 MHz processor with 256 MB RAM and 512 MB Flash. The Lynx PDA’s screen provides immediate status on battery charging, keyboard state and good read indicator.
Datalogic Lynx - Handheld Computer
The Lynx Handheld Computer combines the industry’s most ergonomic form factor with the industrial robustness to survive and thrive both indoors and outdoors. A 4 Foot drop spec or resistance rating ensures the ruggedness of the Lynx Handheld Terminal.

This is a nice mobile computer in a small package. It is often quoted as a route terminal because of its size, but is toughness matches that of some popular industrial handheld computers. There is an available pistol grip and a few other options. The nice screen size and multikey keypad makes this a really desirable unit.

This unit comes in 1D laser scanner or a 2D bar code imager, and can be a selected option for the Lynx PDA. An autofocus camera with a built-in flash is included to photograph evidence of task execution or damage documentation. Many other options are available and configurations are available from A1 Barcode Systems or any other Datalogic top level partners. Items like cradles, auto chargers, holsters, pistol grips, are available.

Some standard software is available but most users will use .NET and is suite of products to program the Lynx. C Sharp or Visual Basic are usually the language used in .NET.

Most software products work very well with the Lynx. Redbeam Software including Asset tracking, Inventory, and check In Check Out Intellitrack software has many including Assets, Inventory, Stockroom, Package Track, and their new Stratus Cloud product (SAS-Software as a Service). BellHawk’s cloud product and just about any software that uses a browser or uses Windows Embedded operating system.

* Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5
* Ergonomic, compact and robust
* Laser or wide aspect 2D imager
* 3G/4G (HSPA+) mobile cell radio for voice and data communication
* Summit b/g/n radio Cisco CCX v4 certified Class 2 BlueTooth with EDR for lower power consumption
* Assisted GPS (A-GPS) hybrid positioning system for location-based applications
* 256 MB RAM / 12 MB Flash memory * XScale” PXA 310 @ 806 MHz processor
* Ruggedized Case with 1.2 m / 4 ft drop to concrete resistance and IP54 protection class
* 3 Megapixel camera with flash
* User-accessible micro SD memory slot (SDHC)
* Wavelink Avalanche device management pre-licensed

Datalogic Handheld Computers
Datalogic Lynx

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Intellitrack Stratus , Intellitrack Cloud , Barcode software


Intellitrack Stratus – Intellitrack Cloud

Intellitrack Logo

This is an exciting time for the IntelliTrack team and as they share news of a new product.  First, let’s look at the recent product developments in the web based Stratus suite of inventory management solutions.

Two of Intellitracks locally installed software solutions will be part of a cost effective, low maintenance cloud computing Stratus line:

  • Check In/Out software has always been an investment for tracking      and preventing the loss of your costly equipment and consumable inventory.    Besides moving to Stratus, Check In/Out added a rapid check in/out  function, which can process multiple items at one time using a wedge scanner on special labels.
  • Fixed Assets software is even more efficient now it is web based.      This customizable solution supports large organizations and government agencies in producing asset audits.

StratusISRP software has added an Inventory Allocation feature, which is particularly useful if you operate small to medium sized warehouses. You will appreciate the real time calculation of the quantity of inventory available to be allocated to each line item in the picking order.

StratusInventory and StratusStockroom software continue to provide efficient, cost effective enterprise solutions for doing physical counts and managing your consumable inventory.

As with all Stratus products you can collect inventory data using a handheld computer in real time or batch mode. With IntelliTrack Stratus you access inventory data reports for individual or multiple sites anywhere you have access to the Internet.

If you are accountable for larger inventories, watch for our enhanced Warehouse Management System 9.0 set for release in January 2014. We promise it will be as intuitive and effective as the current software with its comprehensive inventory management functions and customized options.

Here are a few links to check out the product offering from Intellitrack including the new stratus cloud offering.

Intellitrack Software

Intellitrack Stratus-Intellitrack Cloud Solution


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Zebra QLn320 Review and QL Video


This video review of the Zebra QLn320 mobile printer will hopefully help you determine its usefulness in your situation. The Zebra QLn320 Mobile barcode printer is faster, smaller, and has a brighter display than the QL320.  Many other features and programmability can be seen including “load and go” and peeler.

This video is an overview of the Zebra QLn320, and will talk about capabilities and other features of this great little printer.  The Zebra QL’s proven drop-resistant durability; user-friendly, productivity-boosting features; and easy integration. Zebra’s third generation of QL printers, the QLn™ series—including the QLn320™ for 3-inch-wide printing—extends these QL-platform benefits to the “nth” power.  With 203 dots per inch and 4 inches per second, the Qln320 it meets expectations of most desktop requirements, making it a solution that is replacing some desktop printers and many other mobile printers.

This printer is typically used in route sales and service, and also in other receipt and labels applications.

Popular Models include
Zebra QLN SERIES and Zebra QN3-auba0000-00

Call A1 for pricing and availability, at 800-798-2042.  GSA Schedule pricing available.

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Unitech HT682


Advanced handheld terminal

The Unitech HT682 is a high quality handheld terminal offering great features, making this device suitable for a wide range of  applications in manufacturing, retail, warehousing and logistics.
This unit is designed for the toughest work environments, the HT682 mobile computer  gives you the reliability and flexibility needed to increase productivity and efficiency in all of your data collection applications.

It’s clear, the Unitech HT682 is built to last!

Advanced Mobile Operating Systems
Equipped with a fast 800 MHz processor and Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 professional operating system, makes this device not only fast but also compatible with a variety of current software applications. The HT682 provides multiple wireless communications such as the integrated WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n for real-time data collection and Bluetooth® for cordless connectivity. Designed for the toughest working environments, the HT682 is IP65 rated and withstands a multiple 1.8 meter drop to concrete.

Choose your scan engine

When it comes to current data collection, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why the HT682 is loaded with advanced data capture  capabilities. Choose the scan engine that best meets your  requirements. The HT682 is available with a 1D laser, 2D imager or even an extra long-range 2D imager. With this extensive choice, you can find the right HT682 model for every worker, every application and every environment.

Extended usage

The HT682 weighs only 310g and is ergonomically designed for one-handed operation and 30° tilted helical scanning. The optional gun grip and extended battery makes the HT682 perfect for scan-intensive applications. 

Main Features:
- Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 Professional

  • - TI OMAP AM3703, 800MHz CPU
  • - 1D laser, 2D imager or extra long-range 2D imager model
  • - 30 degree scanning tilt
  • - Gold plated non-rusting connector pins
  • - IP65 rated and 1.8 meter drop test to concrete

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2D Barcode Symbologies


2D Barcode Symbologies are the next step in Symbologies from the known 1D Barcode Symbologies we know and love today.  The main form we see is UPC like you would see in the grocery store. Manufacturing and other industries utilize mainly 3of9 and 128 symbologies.  All of those are like ladder style 1D Barcode Symbologies.

2D Barcodes are normally read by using 2D barcode readers use camera technology to take a snapshot of the barcode, then process and interpret the symbology type, and translate the data.  The data is typically delivered in the ASCII character range, ex: it translated(A, B, C and special characters), through a keyboard type interface, mainly USB Keyboard style.  Devices using 2D can take a snap shot like a camera, if the software allows for that delivery capability.  Obviously, encryption is used on some 2D devices where sensitive data is used and it is somewhat effective.

The advent of 2D Barcode symbologies opened up the ability to scan most 2D barcodes more reliably, even if  the barcode is partially missing, since the barcode is typically repeated across different sections of the barcode and not just in a linear fashion, like UPS.

Additionally, some 2D barcode symbologies were better for laser etching , like Datamatrix engraving it directly onto parts.  This etching on metal type items is called Direct Parts Marking.  Some 2D barcodes like PDF 417, were idea for storing large amounts of data like drivers license, identifications information, and shipping data, especially large amounts of information that does not change.  These are also seen along with a 1D barcode on Patient Wristbands.  The 2D on wristbands helps in identifying specifics about a patient, even when the network or systems are not operational, since all data vital to the patient is printed in the PDF 417 2D barcode.

Normally the amount of data, multi-use capability(like DPM), durability, or another specific proprietary use, determines the barcode type or symbology used for 2D.  QR barcodes have been a very popular 2D symbology the last few years, especially with companies using them for advertising.  This has been used extensively by the smart phone industry, to allow for mobile access to web sites via the URL on the barcode using a quick scan instead of typing.  Phone numbers can be dialed from scanning a QR, Information Address VCard Content, and even plain text can be imbedded in a QR code.  Some QR allow for color logos, graphics, and even pictures, to be used in the barcode.

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